Discipleship Tools

Christian Discipleship Tool Fruit That Remains Trains New Believers in their Walk of Faith.

Quote from someone who uses Fruit That Remains:
“I give this booklet to every person that I lead to Christ. Its design allows me to build a mentoring relationship with my new convert, while establishing them in the fundamentals of the faith.” - Lay Soul Winner, California

"There's never been a more efficient or effective tool for your outreach program, and it can be personalized for your ministry!"
- pastor, Georgia

Fruit That Remains is a critical Christian discipleship training tool for Soul Winners to share with new converts to Christianity. The booklet contains the King James Version of the books of John and Romans, two important books for a new Christian to take to heart.

With this 96-page booklet, a soul winner can lead someone to the Lord, then give the booklet to the new convert for easy follow-up and discipleship!

Fruit That Remains also contains:
  • A Step-By-Step, 13-Point Soul Winning Plan‹Developed by David A. Wood
  • A Spiritual Birth Certificate
  • "What Lies Ahead" Section for the New Convert
  • Discipleship Commitment Form
  • The Gospels of John and Romans
  • Twelve Discipleship Lessons for the New Convert
  • Certificate of Discipleship
  • Record of Events for the New Christian