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Operation GO

Operation GO Mentoring Program Trains Soul Winners to Present the Gospel.

Quote from someone who has used this product:
“After seven sessions of Operation GO, the Soul Winners trained here have already won 1,671 to Christ!” - Pastor, South Carolina

The #1 tool for Soul Winning, Operation GO is an intensive 13-week mentoring program designed to train anyone how to:
  • Present the Gospel in a way that is simple, clear and concise
  • Lead people to Christ
  • Begin the discipleship process
Train scores of Soul Winners to win hundreds – even thousands – of souls and see them discipled and involved in your church’s ministry. This program easily adapts to any size church or group and will help to ignite their passion for Soul Winning.

The complete Operation GO program includes:
  • DVDs with 12 hours of training
  • CDs with seven hours of additional training
  • Director’s Guide
  • Trainee’s Guide
  • The Jerusalem Factor by Dr. David Wood
  • The Golden Path to Successful Personal Soul Winning by John R. Rice
  • The Vest Pocket Companion for Christian Workers by R.A. Torrey
  • Director’s case with shoulder strap

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