Soul Winning

David Wood Ministries Offers Proven Programs to Train Individuals, Church Leaders and Churches in Effective Soul Winning Techniques.

It is the strategic goal of David Wood Ministries to recast Soul Winning into the Biblical roots from which it came Ė Godís way. The ministry takes the Lord at His Word when He said, ďhe that winneth souls is wise.Ē (Proverbs 11:30b)

Evangelist Dr. David Wood believes that churches today have become distracted from the Biblical approach to Soul Winning. David Wood Ministries has recast Soul Winning to the basics that the Bible teaches:

1. Win someone to Christ and add their name to the Lambís Book of Life.
2. Train Christians to win others to Christ.
3. Train Christians to train converts to win others to Christ.

David Wood Ministries specializes in programs that equip individuals, churches and church leaders with the tools to help win souls to Christ. By igniting a passion for Soul Winning in the church, the ministry is helping fuel Christians to follow Godís word to win others to Christ.

Thanks to these training programs, hundreds of churches across America and around the world are now training Soul Winners according to the timeless methods Jesus taught. These congregations are growing, building and winning their cities to the Savior.